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The owner of this website www.mentos.ca (“Web”), is Perfetti Van Melle Canada Ltd. (“PVM”), a company belonging to the PERFETTI VAN MELLE GROUP (“PVM GROUP”), with the following identification data:

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Canadian non-resident account number: NRJ807482
Telephone: 905-754-3500
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Kratonkade 9a
3024 ES Rotterdam
The Netherlands
E: info@burst-digital.com
T: (+31) (0)10 82 001 40

Web Access

This Legal Notice regulates the user (“User”) access to, and use of, the Web with the objective
of providing information to the User related to PVM GROUP, PVM, its products, activities and

By accessing and using the Web, the User accepts the terms of this Legal Notice, the Privacy
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Before using the Web, the User must read the Legal Notice, Privacy and Cookies Policies
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Use and function of the Web

The User agrees to make diligent use of the Web, and of the information contained in it, s/he is
subjected to its regulations and to this Legal Notice, as well as to any other necessary
conditions that PVM may establish to this effect on the Web.

Furthermore, the User may not commit any offence with the intention of damaging, misusing,
and/or overloading the Web, or preventing in any form, the normal use and functioning of it.

The User is informed that, if the Legal Notice, the Privacy Policy or the Cookies policy is not
observed, or if any other relevant terms or conditions stated in the Web are not met, PVM
reserves the right to limit, suspend and/or terminate the User’s access to the Web, making use
of any technical measure necessary to do it.

PVM endeavours to maintain good operation of the Web, avoid errors, or if necessary to repair
them, and keep the Web contents duly updated. However, PVM does not guarantee the
availability or continuity in the Web access, nor the existence of errors in its contents, or that
these are updated accordingly.


Access to the Web and use of any information or mechanism contained on it, is carried out
under exclusive responsibility of the User.

PVM is not responsible for any damage and/or loss that may derive directly or indirectly from
accessing or using the information contained in the Web, and especially for any information
relating to third parties different from PVM, including, but not limited to, those produced by
operating systems or caused by viruses and/or attacks to the system. Likewise, PVM is not
responsible for damage that the User may suffer due to inadequate use of the Web, service or
coverage problems, interruptions, lack of, or defect in communications and/or in Internet
Furthermore, PVM is not responsible for any damage and/or loss to User’s software and/or
hardware deriving from access and use of the Web.

The User is liable for damage or loss of any nature that PVM may suffer as a result of the
infringement of any of the obligations to which the User is subjected according to this Legal
Notice, any other conditions set out in the Web and/or applicable legislation at any time.

Policies concerning links

a) Links to the Web
Any third parties who have the intention of including a link to the Web (“Linking Website”) on a
website, must obtain previous consent, in writing, from PVM, abide to the current laws, and
under no circumstances be able to store their own or third-party contents that: (i) are illicit,
damaging, violent, racist, discriminating, degrading, sex-related, etc.; and/or (ii) are
inappropriate or unsuitable in relation to PVM activity.

The link in no way means that PVM supports, promotes, guarantees, supervises and/or
recommends the contents and/or services of the Linking Website, nor is responsible for the
contents contained in it.

In the event of non-compliance with any of the aforementioned terms, PVM will immediately
proceed with the withdrawal of the consent granted to the Linking Website, who will be obliged
to delete the link.

b) Links to other websites

On the Web, other links may be included that allow the User to access other websites (“Linked

The existence of Linked Websites does not in any way imply recommendation, promotion,
identification and/or conformity by PVM on the declarations, contents and/or services provided
through the Linked Websites. As a consequence, PVM is not responsible for the contents and
other conditions of the Linked Websites, and therefore the User is the only person responsible
for checking and accepting them upon each access and each use.

Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights concerning the design, databases, underlying computer
programs (including source codes), as well as the different elements making up the Web
(texts, graphics, photography, videos, sound recordings, colour combinations, etc.)
(“Contents”), as well as the structure, selection and order of these, are owned by PVM, the
PVM GROUP or its licensors. Any logos included in the Web (such as, but not limited to,
trademarks and/or designs), are property of PVM, PVM GROUP or its licensors.

Use of the Web does not imply the granting of any rights over the Web or its Contents.

The User is strictly forbidden to reproduce, transform, distribute, publicly communicate, make
available, extract, and/or make any other form of non-authorized diffusion or use of the Web, its
Contents, and/or the PVM logos.

The non-authorized use of the Contents, the Web and/or the PVM logos, as well as any
damage incurred in the PVM and /or PVM GROUP intellectual property rights may give rise to
exercising the corresponding legal actions and responsibilities that may arise from these.


If any of the clauses of this Legal Notice is declared, totally or partially, null or void, this nullity or
voiding would affect only the provision or part of it in question, while these will remain upheld for
everything else, only taking into account the provision or part thereof that has been affected. To
this effect, only the null or void provision of this Legal Notice will be exclusively invalid, and no
other part or provision of it will be void, invalid, harmed or affected due to the nullity or voiding,
except in the case that it becomes essential to affect this Legal Notice fully and integrally